VOGIN-IP-lezing (English)

Search & find

The VOGIN-IP-lezing is a one-day symposium on searching, finding and findability of information. It combines lectures and workshops around this theme. Since 2013 it has developed into the leading event for anybody from the Dutch speaking community, who is professionally working with information. Most lectures and workshops will be held in Dutch. Please consult the final program to check which contributions will be in English. The VOGIN-IP-lezing is organised in cooperation by VOGIN and the professional magazine IP.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID pandemics, the schemes for the 2020 and 2021 editions had to be completely modified. In 2020, throughout the year, there have only been Zoom-sessions; in 2021 the event has been postponed to autumn in order to allow live sessions. As a result the 2022 edition had to be postponed a little bit as well. The 2023 edition will finally be held in the usual period, on Thursday 16 March, at our usual venue, the main building of the Amsterdam Public Library OBA. Information on the program and all separate lectures and workshops will gradually appear on this website. Please consult the main menu.
Contact for more information – also for sponsoring opportunities:  info@voginip.nl