AI vs. Automation Workshop by Joseph Busch

AI vs. Automation: Automated Tagging and Machine Learning Workshop
Voor belangstellenden hier vast de agenda van de workshop van Joseph Busch. [Propaganda voor zijn keynote stond al in onze vorige post]

Time Format Description Outcomes

30 min


  • What is artificial intelligence, automated tagging, and machine learning.
  • Understand the key features and differences of AI, automated tagging, and machine learning.
  • 30 min


  • Demo some natural language processing, entity extraction, and complex Boolean query tagging tools:
    – Lexalytics Semantria. [1]
    – Data Harmony Machine Aided Indexer (MAI) [2]
  • Understand the types of features that differentiate automated tagging tools, and the criteria for evaluating them.
  • 30 min


  • Participate in a query building exercise working hands-on with tagging tools:
    – Lexalytics Semantria for Excel.
    – Data Harmony Machine Aided Indexer (MAI)
  • Obtain a practical understanding of how to build an automated classifier.
  • 30 min

    Lecture & demo

  • Review the pitfalls and benefits of machine learning in practice.
  • Demo Unsilo [3], an unsupervised machine learning tool.
  • Understand the differences between supervised and unsupervised machine learning.
  • Be aware of potential unintended consequences of unsupervised machine learning.
  • .

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